Greatest Horror Moments Week Begins!

This week we begin greatest horror moments theme on Ghost Hunting Theories.  This will include both fiction and nonfiction horror.

My most memorable lifetime scares probably would be attributed to the unexplained things that happened where I grew up and described in my book Growing Up With Ghosts.  I haven't had many moments where I totally lost it, but the poltergeist encounter near the end of the book probably gives you a sense of how bad something has to be to rattle someone who literally grew up from babyhood to young adulthood with ghosts.

In the real world, also, some of the greatest horrors to me are cold-blooded killers and evil genocide advocates. Perhaps the creepiest ass serial killers include ones that seem like the cross to killing came from an innocuous source Wayne Gacey--clown, Dennis Rader--neighborhood watch dog, and Ted Bundy -- handsome boy next door.

In movies, scariest moments for me -

The Omen:  Graveyard Scene.
Jeepers Creepers:  The cat lady's house scene.
The Changeling:  When he plays back the audio from the seance.
House of Wax:  When the friend tries to tear the wax off his face and his face comes off.
Night of the Living Dead:  When the kids go out to the gas pump.
Phantasm:  Inside the mortuary when the little things grab him as he climbs out the window.
Signs:  When the brother is in the closet watch news and sees the alien for the first time on the news.

This week, I will take you through all the greatest horror moments from real life to fiction.