Greatest Horror Moments: Free Horror On YouTube

YouTube has some awesome fan channels and you can enjoy horror movies and documentaries for free. Let's go through some I subscribe to -

1970s Made-For-TV Horror:  TVTerrorland
My favorite site for 1970s nostalgia horror for free.  Children of the 70s totally get this channel. Made-For-TV awesome horror movies like "Out of Contention" "The World Beyond" "The Haunting of Seacliff Inn" "The Strange and Deadly Occurrence."

Paranormal Documentaries:  OnlyTheParanormal 

1980s Slasher Films:  80sSlasherFan

Creepy Ass Halloween Haunts:  PumpkinRot

Some other enjoyable creepy atmospheric musical videos you must see - staples in my haunted world -

Haunting creepy music video
Creepy Doll Island Music Video


  1. Like horror, like free, like the links...thanks!

  2. Could these creatures be using infrasound to warn their kind of the aproch of us humans. Also to avoid camera traps we setup to photograph them.


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