Extraordinary Bigfoot Claims

When a human-relative is running around our woodlands and mountains and remaining very hard to come in contact with, it goes without saying there is an assumption that extraordinary skills must be at work. Some theories in the field of Bigfoot Research have gone to the exceptional to explain his skill set.

Let's explore some of these claims and see what validity they might have - 

"Bigfoot is psychic"

A great deal of psychics among homo sapiens grew up in turmoil and dysfunction or were introverted and outcasts. These people developed their skills in this realm based on the need to have more information to assess situations and to be ready to react to those around them. If Bigfoot is a hominin (human family), as he certainly would seem, then these skills and the reasons for having them would be enhanced. This ability might also help to explain how he knows we are looking for him, feels our intent upon him, and hides himself.

There have been reports of Bigfoot being able to "mind speak" with people, even use a nonthreatening human voice, woman's voice or familiar voice. With any exceptional claims, one has to consider all the conditions in which these communications occurred.  When we get EVPs in paranormal investigations, there is an assumption we are getting a voice of the dead, but we could be getting sounds that are interpreted as words, signals from a satellite phone, or even the imprint of someone on the team with psychic abilities. We can't tell the origins. If you receive "mind speak" from Bigfoot, it is also hard to interpret if this is a trick of the mind under extraordinary stress or true voicing because even a good psychic can't make an average person hear their language in their head.

On the "pro" side of this concept, we do know that Bigfoot are amazingly skilled mimickers of animal and human communication. It would not be a big jump for one with exceptional skills to utilize that mimicry by psychic means to comfort a person in distress, even if it's just to promote a sense of calm or even to unsettle and make the human leave the area. On the "con" side of this - it would seem that if such a skill were possible, Bigfoot would be advising us to leave the forest by mental means nearly every time we enter.

"Bigfoot uses infrasound"

We know elephants and other large beasts use infrasound (sound in a range so low it is not audible to human ears) to communicate over many miles of space, but what about Bigfoot? Might this technique be utilized to speak without humans hearing? Some are skeptical about this concept, but the truth is, there is even a human who can make infrasound - with his unusually long vocal chords. If Bigfoot is truly 7 feet or taller, then imagine the length of his vocal chords! Okapi and alligators both make infrasound and do not have as much body mass. After listening to a great deal of Bigfoot recordings and the obscenely low notes they hit, I absolutely believe they do have infrasound range and the question then becomes - do they use it for communication among themselves?  Why not? (This subject will be talked about more on here late in the week)

"Bigfoot is from another dimension"

Reports have come across that Bigfoot can appear and disappear, his footprints can stop suddenly, sometimes he is seen disappearing in a ball of light. The thinking is that he is entering and exiting from another dimension. This concept was perpetuated even more by stories like "Hunt For the Skinwalker" and the strange "portal-like" activity in certain regions.

In the medical field, we have a saying "if you see hoofprints, think horses, not zebras." So it is in the field of Bigfoot study, extraordinary claims are just that - so extraordinary as to not be able to validate. We are not only talking about a biologic life form, but one with the odors produced by musks and bacteria on the body, feces and other outdoor exposures that seeks places with water and food. It would seem that this would not support necessarily interdimensional beings that could "go home" for supper, but an actual occupant of the wild.

"Bigfoot is associated with aliens/UFOs"

Even if people who have seen Bigfoot also see UFOs in the area, unless you see one come in and out of an awaiting saucer, we can assume for now that these are incidental findings. Sometimes, when something dramatic happens to us, we search for connections, correlations to try and make sense out of it. If a person is out searching in a popular Bigfoot forest and see a UFO, they could put the two together. 

Until we can provide proof UFOs are not of this planet, we can't begin to put them together with Bigfoot. And, if aliens really are making visitations, they would doubtfully want to leave smelly lumbering creatures to take over the woodlands and possibly get them caught by humans when they've worked so hard to not leave proof.

"Bigfoot can cloak himself like Predator"

When people tell me that what ghosts are and where they're from, I have to ask "how can you know that when can't even prove they exist?" So, the concepts being passed around, like Bigfoot having a higher vibration (??) and able to oscillate and somehow disappear or even cloak himself like Predator are extraordinary claims for a being we still have yet to prove to the public. At this point, it's all conjecture, but given that we're talking about a hominin living in the wild, foraging for food, mating, and existing in this plane, the concept that he can somehow become a chameleon or camouflaged or just plain come and go at will, may make folks looking for him feel better for having such a hard time finding him, but it an exceptionally grasping explanation. I prefer to work with this world before moving into the next. Let's talk about how he manages to still himself in the dark foliage and not be seen by virtue of not moving rather than that he disappears before our eyes.

Ultimately, the extraordinary claims about Bigfoot really are - that he exists and that he can remain so well hidden from our encroachment into his space. This is an onion we need to peel in layers.