Bobbie Short - Remembered

With the recent passing of a researcher and mentor in the Bigfoot Realm, it's apparent the effect Bobbie Short had on many in the field. I hope that other researchers come to realize the imprint they leave behind by their motivations, actions, and words. One of her dear friends sums it up nicely here -

Bobbie Short...

The First Lady of Sasquatchery...a pioneering champion of respectful observation/No Kill research.

Her site ...Bigfoot the compendium of to all, free of pop-ups, thousands of hours spent compiling and researching, selflessly devoted to understanding the enigma of Sasquatch...she didn't suffer fools, thugs or nonsense. 

Sasquatchery was her passion, not a cottage industry.  Unlike her detractors, sniping after her passing...Roberta E. Short was the real deal...not a pompous wannabe.

We argued, cussed and discussed, often agreeing to disagree...I loved her shoulder, uncommon common sense, knowledge and wit...and I know she loved me.

Rest in peace...Baby Doll

live and let live...

Steve Summar