Bigfoot Week!

I've spent a great many years in the pursuit of understanding ghostly phenomena, but only a few close people in my life know the passion with which I pursue the subject of Bigfoot.

We've come a long way in our understanding of these Native hominins. Forty years ago, it was the consensus we were dealing with North American Great Apes and thankfully with education and clarity, that has been all but beat down except for a few with agendas.

Just because a being is hair covered is not reason to equate him with an animal. A hominin living in feral conditions over time would adopt more dense body hair than us agricultural-based, indoor-dwelling homo sapiens.

This week, GHT will be covering Bigfoot in ways that will have you truly pondering his skills, his intentions, his nature, culture, and even his language.

There will be humor and insights, research and contemplation about our social obligations to these people who walked the land before us.