Bigfoot Week: MK Davis Interview

I have written about MK Davis on this blog before. He was kind enough to answer a lot of questions about his background in astrophotography and how he applies those skills to stabilizing and giving clearest images from Bigfoot videos. He does this because he wants us all to have the best images so we can come to our own conclusions about "evidence" people provide in the field. He was made famous in the field of video study in Bigfootery when he was the first person to handle and stabilize the Patterson-Gimlin film taken in 1967 in Northern California.

We had MK on our Paranormal Geeks Radio and this was a most popular episode. You will learn many things listening to this and some you never knew about Bigfoot and the quiet and studious researchers working to learn more about them -

There are really only a handful of people I trust in the Bigfoot Research Field because of their motivation, their talents, their intelligence and integrity.

MK leads that list.


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