Bigfoot and Infrasound

Infrasound is sound produced in a range far below human's threshold of hearing, but that does not mean that humans do not sense it, many reports, unease, feelings of being watch, paranoia, nausea, and headaches when in its presence. Experiments with Eastern State Penn showed that the construction of the building was such that, when it rained, it created infrasound down the corridors, causing ghost-like sensations and sights. So, its effects are immense on the human body and every cell (see film above of what it does to water).

The video above shows a man who can hit notes in the infrasound range.  If a man can produce infrasound, a Bigfoot surely can. It was said that this was possible because of long vocal chords. Imagine the length of Bigfoot's vocal chords.

How might Bigfoot use infrasound? Well, here's the dilemma - because he is capable of it, does not mean he necessarily utilizes it. It might be that he can do it, but he can't hear infrasound, so it would not be effective to contact his own kind and therefore a useless skill.  So, in considering if Bigfoot has infrasound capabilities, the next important question is - are they capable of hearing it? 

It's interesting to note how much Bigfoot mimics animal sounds and human sounds and watches and evaluates all who are in the woods with them. It stands to reason that the use of infrasound might be more useful in the unsettling effects it has. Whether we realize it or not, as we hike through the woods, we either speed through parts of it, stop and enjoy ourselves, or survey the area and change our direction. If casting infrasound into our area, it makes us feel uneasy and makes us move on, like a deer lifting its head and sensing a threat, then this might be a very useful tool. In their own way, Bigfoot could be orchestrating their own home and its occupants are their players.

It might become a useful tool to bring an infrasound detector into the field and see if this is being utilized in an active Bigfoot area. It might also be interesting to note your own reaction to infrasound to know when you run into it by the familiar sensations in your body and mind. Each person perceives it differently. I get uncomfortable and feel as if I'm being watched. Others get headaches or other very uncomfortable feelings. Once you use your body as an infrasound detector, it's quite possible to fight your instincts to flee and remain because you have obviously come into a forbidden zone

For more information on infrasound, I suggest you try this Wikipedia explanation in relation to animal use and paranormal experiences.  A man on a YouTube video talks about infrasound and how to make a detector.  An MK Davis video discusses infrasound and Bigfoot.