The 10 Horror Movies I Can't Live Without

I went through my horror movie collection and thought to myself, "gee, some of these I see repeatedly and repeatedly." It had me thinking about how there are probably 10 movies I couldn't live without. Considering the concept of only being able to see 10 horror movies ad infinitum, I'd probably need to find lots of subjects and styles so I have variety to satisfy any mood. Here's the list - no particular order:

Night of the Living Dead
Only one zombie movie? Man, that's hard!! There's lots of great zombie movies, but with lots of flash and style, they lose their power over time. Still, the creepy music, bleak setting, and truly as-it-is-happening feel of this movie means, this is the one zombie film I would take into the bunker. 

Rear Window
I probably watch it too much, but it's still stylish and so real. Honestly, haven't we all been a bit too curious about our neighbors? 

Joy Ride
This satisfies my road trip horror. It's not a fantastic movie, but it's tense enough that I can watch it a lot of times and that raspy trucker's voice asking for candy cane - shivers!

The Birds
Just an over the top magically disturbing and stylish film. It has that vulnerable isolated feel, amazing setting, witty dialogue. It's the whole package.

The Haunting
Perhaps my favorite ghost movie of all time. It's classy and creepy as hell.

You have to have a slasher movie in the queue. This does it all and I never get sick of the music or characters.

The Howling
Not fantastic, not even all that good by today's standards, but it sticks with me as a classic werewolf.

30 Days of Night
The way vampires should be - bloodthirsty and soulless.

The Changeling
To me, one of the most creepy ass horror movies for the EVP after the seance and the hidden room. Just a wonderful take on a haunted house.

I have a few qualms about showing the full frontal alien at the end (cheesy), but the storytelling is great, feels like it could have really happened.