Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: My "Type"?

I had single friends years ago when I was married and I would sigh when they would complain about finding their man. "Figure out what he does, where he lives, where he is on a Saturday night. Stalk his hunting grounds, i.e. muscle car shows on the weekend, Barnes and Noble on a Sunday afternoon, investing seminars on week nights, meetup groups for photographers...."

Now that I'm single, I wonder where my type is?

Some quirky things I'd like in a guy (don't need them all but some would be awesome) -

Wears flip flops (not necessarily sandals)
Drives a jeep
Loves dogs (not so much the little ones, the medium and big ones)
Loves the outdoors
Can sit at a bonfire and watch the stars, tell spooky stories or talk about UFOs and the universe
Loves to skinny dip
Doesn't just enjoy sex, but enjoys the sensuality of it all
Not a picky eater, okay with salads or new foods
Would rather order beer than wine or liquor
Thinks autumn is the best season
Freaks out and goes over the top for Halloween
Believes the best day is a rainy one spent in bed, picnicking and watching nonstop Ancient Aliens
Can discuss lots of topics and has the wonder of a child about how the universe works
Witty, funny, loves to laugh
Loves kissing and physical contact, doesn't mind being petted
Appreciates road trip adventures and checking out historic or native sites
Can go with the flow and not need to control every single thing
Thinks Tesla was the most badass awesome guy
Has a nostalgic thing for 60s muscle cars

There's a million other things one never thinks of in a list that become apparent later, like the way he gets in a dimple in one cheek while smiling, the "hum" sound he makes when he's thinking, that he goes out of his way for gelato in every city he visits.

Not that all these things could be found in one man, but when looking at it, I realize, I do have a "type." I call him a nerd with a loving heart, a sense of humor, and adaptability.  


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