Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Dream Dates

What's romantic to one girl is not to the next.  The courtship thing is a delicate dance. If a guy knows his girl, what gets her excited is different than any other girl. What would my guy have to know?

That the most romantic date I ever had involved a road trip involving torrential rain, hail, cold winds, sunshine, warmth, and stopping at every unexplained site along the way. Kissing in a parking lot as if no one else was around.

So, what sorts of dates would be my dream dates?

Roadside carnival.
Drive-in movie.
Blanket on the ground, watching the stars with music playing.
Exploring an unexplained site, seeking bigfoot, doing a ghost study, photographing abandoned sites.
Going downtown to photograph historic buildings and buying lunch from a roadside vendor wagon.
State Fair.
Metal detecting to look for relics, gold or meteorites.
Museum with old bones, historic finds, or mummies.
Farmer's market.
Running in the rain to the park to make out under a tree in a dry spot.
Watching horror movies by candlelight.
Moonlight swim.
Bonfire story telling.

Yeah, each gal is different. Didn't mention any fancy restaurants or limo rides. This gal wants experiences that will haunt me the rest of my days. An ideal mate would totally understand that and he would be my romantic hero.