Photographing Abandoned Places: Weathering & Nature

The most amazing thing about abandoned sites is the lack of doors, windows, roofs, framing... Light comes in, plants come in, rain comes in, critters come in, and dirt, leaves, peeling, mildew, and fading all come into play.

This trailer above was a fine example of nature peeling away the siding and exposing the contents. You might not have even realized it was a trailer when you see the siding gone. Peek-a-boo. Take advantage of ironic view of possessions inside now completely exposed.

If it seems like a piece of art, you're not crazy - it is! Look at this beautiful door jam with peeling paint and faded wood? The textures and colors are fascinating.

Signs are one of the best things to age. They can do it with such gusto in the heat and sun. Reminds you of bygone days.

Windows crack, fabrics fray. The combination with aged wood - gorgeous!

Rust--huge problem and a beautiful one!

Vines taking over a building, plants growing inside - all signs of nature reclaiming Her territory.

And, don't forget dappled light and unusual beams of light from holes and cracks -

Any photo that shows how derelict and left to nature a building is, has accomplished its URBEX goal.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love it when we can catch the sun seeping through cracks and missing boards. We get the best photos from that.


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