Photographing Abandoned Places: Human Touch

The irony of abandoned sites is the reminders that people still go there or have habituated there or even you have found some irony in posing in the now lingering skeletal remains. Look for bits of humor and irony and sometimes poignancy like the one leftover item, perhaps a doll.

It was irresistible to ask my friend to climb into this hole and poke around  given the spray painted words he didn't see -

How about posing yourself through the broken window or tattered fabrics, or better yet, let your shadow cast on the floor, a sort of present day ghost.

Simple pose if one had a house around them, but with only a doorway remaining, isn't it ironic, don't ya think?

Graffiti art is sometimes a breathtaking thing when added to textures, cracks, and slivers of sunlight.

The only thing remaining in a bare room -

Posing youself in the environment: Consider walking through a puddle in the room and leaving wet prints in the empty room. Consider having someone photograph you from behind as as you stand in the doorway and cast a long shadow on the floor. Gaze out of a broken window in profile.

Objects: Utilize the objects in an abandoned site. Sometimes, simply moving something to a new spot gives a completely different message, like a chair facing the corner, a book opened and turned upside down on a table, or a bird cage with the door wide open.