Finding Bigfoot Recap

Last night, for the season ender, the team went to Vietnam to find the hairy man reported there. They are reported to be smaller but similar to Bigfoot. Their forests are quite dense and cover much of the ground. They've found more large cryptids in the forests there in the last 20 years than anywhere else in the world. I like the part where Matt once against speaks slowly and acts out what he's saying with his hands as if they're deaf. I have a meme concept coming on....They were told to beware of tigers. Once a tiger has eaten flesh, he will attack humans again.

Even though Bobo said this might be the most dangerous investigation they've been on, I rather doubt that. I think the fireworks and torches in the woods might have topped this for dangerous animals in the woods.

Best Lines
Bobo: Let's go slide back down this mountain and find `em.

Bobo:  Hopefully it gets our wildman curious and he comes in and checks us out.
There's nothing they could confuse it with, they saw a wild man, that's it.
Bobo:  That's rad!

Cliff:  I might spend my time looking for a giant creature, but it's the little ones that terrify me; bugs.

Cliff:  I'd like to be really really scared and have to light fires.

Cliff:  I don't know what it is, but I'm being followed.
Matt: I swear, if I was soldier in the jungle, I would have been the dude with the flamethrower.

Ranae:  Well, then, let's get our whoop on.

The team went to a very dense forest at night.  They found it a very difficult environment. The creepy crackling noise ended up being termites all over the forest floor. They tried some whooping. The forest was silent.

The team decided to go talk to locals. Their stories were quite clear and convincing of having encountered them in the forests and caves. Cliff decided to go alone to an area near caves. Cliff went into the wet cave and did a little whoop. You can tell that he is meant for the outdoors. He comes alive like a kid.

Bobo went and talked to some men who saw one come out of a cave. He found their story to be very believable. Matt and Ranae talked to a farmer who saw two of them. Ranae found the witness to be very accurate.

The team met up again for a night investigation. Bobo brought some odd native instruments.  Ranae and Cliff put on some fun music. As cute as this attempt was, it didn't provide any results.

It seemed like the bugs were the scariest most deadly thing they encountered, as well as the streets of Hanoi.

It's sad that the season is over, but I don't doubt they will cook up a great new season next time. And I will have lots of material for memes.