Deep South Paranormal Premieres Syfy Tonight!

The quest for proof of the paranormal goes deeper than ever – Deep South that is – and in Syfy’s all-new original series Deep South Paranormal, it takes a colorful team of local pros to investigate these restless southern souls. The 6-episode series produced by BASE Productions premieres Wednesday, April 10 at 10 PM (ET/PT).

Deep South Paranormal Research is a bayou-based team on a mission. Steeped in the rich history of their homeland, they want to unlock the mysteries that have baffled Southerners for years. They are a homegrown blend of Cajun, Creole and self-proclaimed rednecks who share a passion for this part of the country and the paranormal events that take place there. They take on anything from swamp apparitions to haunted plantation houses and Southern voodoo legends.

The fun-loving charm of these larger-than-life characters becomes deadly serious when it comes to their investigations, which deal not only with the hazards of paranormal phenomenon, but with physical dangers like gators, snakes, spiders, wild hogs, and mosquitos.

Investigations this season include Alabama’s Bear Creek Swamp, the Old Cahawba ghost town, Florida’s Manntown Cemetery and the Mont Helena Plantation in the Mississippi Delta, to name just a few.

Deep South Paranormal is produced by BASE Productions. John Brenkus and Mickey Stern serve as executive producers.  

Jonathan Hodges was born and raised deep in the country outside of Huntsville, Alabama, where he currently resides on the same land his great grandparents first owned. Jon is known as the “man with the plan” as he applies science and inventive tactics to the group’s investigations. Jon graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a degree in business and is currently working in human resources for a government contractor in the Rocket City. Even though he has a white collar desk job by day, his real passion is the outdoors and everything paranormal. Like many of his Deep South Paranormal teammates, his interest in the paranormal began in the house he grew up in – his parents would dismiss strange occurrences, but he always felt that there was something more to them.

Keith Ramsey is a God-fearing, beard-loving, concrete-hating, good ol’ boy who was born in Huntsville, Alabama and raised all around the Tennessee Valley.  He joined the group after a lifetime of paranormal events that began with visions at the age of 5. Keith saw his first apparition at age 9 and has had the gift of sensitivity and "sight" ever since. On investigations he is often contacted by spirits. While not investigating paranormal claims, Keith has worked in landscaping on and off for the last few years because he loves the freedom of working outdoors. Keith's life revolves around God, family, close friends, camping and fishing.

Keith is a long-time musician who uses music as a way to engage spirits during investigations. He’s been a singer, songwriter and guitarist with several different bands throughout the years, including The Keith Ramsey Band (KRB) and the Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band, Comin' Home. He is currently the vocalist and lyricist for Kentucky-based rock band Ura-Kia. Keith credits his uncles – songwriter Donald Ramsey and professional guitarist/session artist Maurice Ramsey – for introducing him to music.  Keith learned to write songs during his teenage years when sifting through the songs and poetry that his grandmother Rachel Willamena Rhodes-Ramsey wrote throughout her lifetime.


  1. The premieres for this phone make me laugh... and then I still want to watch it.

    I know that it doesn't make for a good show... but, I would really love a paranormal show that did not have the investigators chit-chatting all the time.

    Guess I should just go on my own!


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