Dead for 17 Hours!

Doctors worked furiously on the dead woman's body. Suffering two heart attacks, she showed no brainwaves at all. No heartbeat.

"Calling the time of death 0130." The doctor stepped back from the patient.

The techs remained to disconnect the elderly woman from all lines and monitors.

"Her directives have her listed as an organ donor." The doctor nodded to the nurse who made sure the respirator continued to pump oxygen into the body and keep the organs prepared for transplant when recipients were matched. He began the protocol to cool down her body.

The doctor left the room and found the family huddled together in the waiting room where he proceeded to tell them the outcome of his vigorous efforts to save their loved one. The family went in to say their goodbyes as lines were removed.

Inside the room, the body remained, rigor mortis setting in, fingers curling in, skin tightening, and all the usual signs of the finality of death. More than 17 hours went by when the woman woke up and spoke, startling the nurse nearby.

This is not fiction. 

This happened to a 59-year-old woman in West Virginia. She was transferred to a larger medical center, but doctors found no ill effects.  

True life is creepier than fiction, isn't it?


  1. I've heard similar tales...makes me wonder how many people could have been buried alive in the past.


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