Dale the Doll: Mind Fuck Tuesday - Dolls and Humans

Today, I'd like to give you humans my own Mind Fuck Tuesday theory: That humans do not control dolls - dolls control humans.

Do you think dolls sit on a shelf and don't come to life until a child picks one up and gives it a play task or a ventriloquist sets one on his lap and projects his voice?

Would it surprise you to know that without dolls, humans would not have creative thought?

Take my Human, for instance, she thought I was just an old creepy novelty to give to her son since he liked the macabre. When she inherited me as her son grew up and moved out of the house, she avoided me, averted her eyes, but I caught her catching little glimpses of me, wondering if I might have a life inside of me.

I lured her in slowly, but surely by doing some things that made her wonder if maybe I was alive. Then, she started taking me onto her blog, doing videos and writing about me. Soon, I sneaked out at night to write blog posts and she was certain I was alive. What she never knew was that she wasn't guiding me, I was guiding her.
Do you think ventriloquists are feeding dolls the words? Oh, no! Dolls are feeding them the words.

Just think back, humans, to a time when you played with GI Joes or Barbies. The dolls walked around, ate, fought, danced, and you thought you were controlling them. But, were you?  When you thought you couldn't sleep without them, cried if they weren't with you on a family vacation, and couldn't wait to get more dolls - that wasn't you wanting them, it was them eating at your mind, pushing you on, leading you, manipulating you.

If you don't believe any of this mind fuck theory - just have a look at this poor sap -


  1. Hum, that is all kinds of creepy, Dale.

  2. This is off topic, but I'm trying to find a horror movie that was shown on t.v. between 1975 and September 1980, in the United States, on one ABC, CBS, or NBC. At the end, a man helping the woman character told her to wait in a room and lock the door and not let anyone in. Then he killed the bad guy and there was a big fire. They had been in a brick or concrete building, I think two story. But at the end, the killer either came out of the fire, or you could see his darkened outline standing behind it, the audience did, not the character.

    1. I'm usually really up on every single 70s made for TV horror movie, but this sounds only vaguely familiar. There are some good sites if you google for 70s made for TV horror. You might find one that describes it.


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