Dale the Doll: Freaky Stuff

This week, I'm covering lots of stuff from horror movies to dolls and humans, cryptids to ghosts. There's some stuff in this Paranormal Geeks world that The Human cover on this blog that admittedly over the years has freaked the hell out of me.

Fetus in Fetu - a condition in which a twin has absorbed part of the other twin in utero. This never happens in the doll factory!

Spontaneous Human Combustion - that doesn't happen to dolls. Oh, sure, my cousin Shirley the Cupie Doll died by fire, but it's because the evil little boy in the house poured kerosene on her and lit her up. You humans, you can't control your own thermostat!


Shadow people - These little black dense, human shaped beings are reported at about 3-feet tall usually and scampering away when the human looks at them. As a doll, I freaking hate shadows. We're often left in dark rooms and our bodies cast human-like shadows. If they were to come to life

Psychics - Oh, it's all well and good when a doll can read a human's mind, but I don't want any humans looking into my head.  You humans are not allowed to have an advantage!

A lot of things in your human world freak me out from clowns to bonfires (obvious reasons), from family dogs (once again, obvious reasons), and little boys with kerosene and matches.

The paranormal world of humans is almost as bad!