Comedy Horror Movies

Comedy horror movies have been around a long time. Bob Hope, Abbot and Costello all realized the potential to give the viewer relief in scary situations. Some horror genre purists think you should never mock horror, but damn it makes for some great ridiculousness. Just look at the Scary Movie series that ridiculed horror movies -

Let's just look at some of the best -

"Ghostbusters" Inept unemployed scientists buy a firehouse and start a ghostbusting business. A classic!
"Killer Klowns From Outer Space" Terrifying clown aliens - you get your fear of clowns on while laughing at the ridiculously awesome corny plot that parodies horror movies.
"Army Of Darkness" Dark humor followup to the Evil Dead series. This one gives us a spitfire unusual hero with a brassy sense of humor.
"Gremlins" Fuzzy pet becomes a demon and the town becomes riddled with these evil little mischief makers. Delightful!
"Zombieland" Killing zombies, surviving the apocalypse, always better with a sassy attitude. This is a gem! "Shaun of the Dead" Zombies and a couple of flat-mates with a childlike approach to life having to take on the baddies.

Conversely, there are also horror movies not intended to be funny that created giggles -

"The Wicker Man" remake with Nicholas Cage.
"Dogman" New release that will put you to sleep until they finally show the dogman (haha)
"Creature from Black Lake" Bayou Bigfoot movie of the 70s.

If you seriously want to laugh at funny movies, pull out any episode of "MST3000" - a fantastic series that mocked the movies as they played.

...and pretty much every single Syfy Original Movie
...and anything with Nicholas Cage

I also have enjoyed ridiculing the bad ones by doing a 2-beer budget short version of the story -