Abandoned Europe

Europe has a jump on American for ancient towns that were left to rot as citizens moved on from mining area to mining area or disasters befell them and created a mass exodus. Sometimes war causes blight, other times economics. It's the crumbling stone remains of many of these locations that make them seem positively ancient.


 Belchite, Spain

 Oradour Sur Glane, France

Abandoned castle, Belgium

Abandoned Factory in Finland

Abandoned amusement park, Germany

Craco, Italy

Kayakoy, Greece

For some truly haunting and beautiful (some of the best I believe) photos of abandoned Europe locations, check out this site. 


  1. Dream places to visit in the future.

  2. Unfortunately the abandoned castle in Belgium doens't exist anymore. I wanted to visit a few months ago, but it turned out it had been destroyed as it was considered dangerous.


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