Zombie Road

Missouri is an interesting state. There are reports of lizard men in the caves, spooklights, hauntings, Bigfoot, and there's also Zombie Road.

Zombie Road wasn't its real name. It acquired this from locals in the 1950s. It was believed to originally be called Lawler Ford Road from as far back as the 1860s. Originally it was constructed to access the roalroad tracks, but nowadays is nearly impassible by car. Although traversed by trucks taking rocks back and forth, it was notable for being strangely quiet and barely lit.

In the 1950s, when it came by the name Zombie Road, teenagers went there to party and make out. The location developed a lot of local legends including one involving someone they came to call "zombie." The legend went that a man lived in a dilapidated shack near the river and would attack young lovers there. Even though the tales faded out, the Zombie moniker remained.

Some report ghosts in the woods. These ghosts are explained as a man hit by a train, a woman who yells at cars, and a boy who fell from some bluffs.

Interestingly, this location is the area of ancient mounds. The mounds were part of a city that is considered one of the largest ancient ones in America, having about 40,000 residents in its heyday.

Many people who travel around in that area report feeling watched, and the creepy crawlies. Some land seems to hold a memory of either tragedy or unsettling geology and history. It would seem this area is one of them.

If you're intrigued by this subject, be sure and read the book Out Past the Campfire Light by Troy Taylor. This is an ideal book for those who love local legends and campfire tale type legends.