Tonight on Syfy

Stranded tonight on Syfy - (they are also showing Haunted Collector, but I do not recommend this show in the least and I don't understand how it got yet another season)

I suggest you try out Stranded at least. I will not be following it. It does not hit the spot for me in any way, shape or form. But, there are some people who enjoy seeing strangers they don't care about seeking ghostly encounters. For me, it just falls flat with a group that we don't know and don't feel a connection with. It's just pure titillation and nothing either entertaining or intelligent.

Honestly, Syfy needs to get its stuff together on picking shows. They have no clue what the public wants and they tend to beat dead horses like Ghost Hunters, Haunted Collector and tossing the same people in every show, like Jael.


  1. Haunted Collector BITES big time.
    It's more comic relief than anything.


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