Sierra Sasquatch DVD Review

Jaime Avalos of Sierra Sasquatch presents his first DVD on sale on Amazon and Createspace.  "Tracking a Legend" is one of the most thoughtful documentaries I've seen on Bigfoot. This very outdoorsman, highly intelligent man takes all his life skills, education and experience into his pursuit of understanding the hows and where's of Sasquatch.

This DVD is now a happy part of my obsessive Bigfoot documentary collection. What I appreciate about this is that he carries on a one-on-one conversation with the viewer as he takes them along in the high sierras in search of signs of Sasquatch. It's beautiful, educational, respectful and reverent of nature, and naturally inquisitive. He shows hair sample analysis, a trackway, castings, tracking an individual, a glimpse of his high altitude cave climb, and so much more.

I consider Jaime a keeper of Sierra Mountain Range knowledge, a seeker of the truth, and above always an investigator with great integrity. I can count on one hand how may "Squatchers" I trust implicitly and Jaime is one of those people. I am so glad he made this video so we can go along with him, learn what it's like to take your time in nature to not only observe the beauty but find the small signs that could easily be missed.

This is "squatching" in a form you haven't seen before. It's clean, honest, beautiful, intelligent, and respectful.