Recap of Finding Bigfoot

Last night the team went to Illinois. According to Ranae, if BF can make it in the farmland, he could make it anywhere. They met up with Stan Courtney, a very wonderful researcher, who is working diligently to capture the sounds of the woods and any BF that might be yelling. Stan gets their mimicry. I have come across this a lot in recordings.

They decided to check out this woodland/farmland area with a night study. It's not exciting, but they realize hunting in farmland might be tough, so they have a town hall meeting. Ranae decides she's going to campout in a cemetery where one was seen. Cemeteries have been places where BFs are seen and considering at night they are guaranteed quiet, but grassy areas where grazing and such would occur, it makes some sense. They showed a good example on a photo of how they would snap a branch to scare someone. Ranae, however, believed it was explainable by nature.

One local told them of a white looking one on all four by the river road. These light-haired ones are not that rare. Matt talked to a woman who saw a BF near the on-ramp near the landfill area, but in a heavily trafficked area. Matt announced that was the most unusual place he'd heard of a Bigfoot. He thought that Bigfoot might be going to the landfill to find animals eating there.

Ranae's cemetery campout has been boring. She decided to take a glider plane so she could get up high and see what was below.  Convergence of rivers do seem to be attractive areas and they do seem to follow waterways. They found an ideal area. Cliff decided to look for music that Bigfoot might like. He needs a bass guitar and an amp. He decides they might like low pitched sounds. Ranae and Matt went away and to listen for how they might react to the sounds. Cliff's weirdest gig - in the woods. Cliff and Bobo heard something breaking through the brush. Ranae heard 3 wood knocks.

Cliff and Bobo heard knocks too. They decided to make noises and see if they could draw them in, but nothing.

Best Lines:
Bobo:  Rockin' and squatchin', that's right up my alley.

Bobo:  Get your dancin' shoes on.
Cliff:  The only thing I smell is when I'm downwind from Bobo.

Cliff:  I'm here all week, tip your bartender.

Cliff:  We're gonna rock out with our squatch out.

Matt:  I think he's had more Bigfoot action than ghost action in cemeteries.
Bigfooting is often frustrating, but I can't help admitting it can be fun.

Ranae:  Bigfoot is a wood knock tease.

Next week is the season ender (boo hoo). They are going to go to Vietnam. This is going to be cool. They have a very promising BF-like creature.