Recap of Finding Bigfoot

Last night, they covered the Cascades area in Oregon. Cliff talked about his love of his home state (my favorite state in the Union) and how he helped in casting the longest trackway of BF footprints. They could see how the foot adapts to the ground it steps on, definitely made by a real foot.

I was wondering about the man they interviewed. He said he was approached by a man who pointed out the tracks. That seems kind of odd. If someone thought they saw a BF's tracks, they would photographing and getting excited, not just telling someone to go look at it and take off, unless they did a hoax and wanted a witness. The prints look good in that they are one in front of the other which is very squatchy. They decided to stay the night. They heard footsteps and knocks.

Best Lines:
Bobo:  Dude, they just toy with you.

Cliff: We can't make it work, it's a Bigfoot.

Matt:  Dude, they're coming.  That means the squatches are coming.

Bobo:  You look so gnarly up there.

Cliff:  Since then, he's been on the bigfoot believer train and never looked back.

Matt:  Those were virgin squatches.
Bobo:  I'm gonna do howls and whoops, hoping I can sucker these things into thinking I'm a squatch.

Cliff:  Any Bigfoots on it are virgins.
Cliff:  As the team's resident tree climber, I'm stoked!
Bobo:  We are overstaying our welcome, so we might want to get out of here.

BoBo:  I'm getting goosebumps. I'm actually getting squatchbumps.
Bobo:  Squatches have a certain presence about them. There's a vibe about them.

The team went to the town hall meeting. Witnesses told some interesting stories.  Bobo stayed in a hot spot and the others went to talk to the witnesses on scene.  Bobo went with a fantastically gorgeous, sweet and smart squatch-tracking pup during his campout.  Bobo did some hootin' and hollerin' and thought he heard a response. That was all.

Cliff went to talk to a man who saw a Squatch through binoculars. Ranae had trouble with the story and said he's too nonchalant in telling the story.  Cliff thought it was clear that this man was close enough to see it was a Bigfoot. Ranae thought it was just another unprovable story.

Matt went to speak to another witness who heard a BF scream in the night while he was sleeping in his home. The man said the noise was something he'd never heard. The description was pretty chilling. Matt thought that BFs only vocalize up high where others will hear them.

Matt, Cliff and Ranae went to talk to the witnesses including a seasoned Bigfooter.  They decided that since the guys got a reaction in an area BF'ers hadn't been, the squatches were virgin, having never encountered investigators before and reacting right away, they needed to go to a virgin territory.

Cliff decides something I've been waiting forever for them to do - a high tree vantage point. Cliff climbed way up with ropes very very high. He had an enormous view from up above. They sent Bobo up to make some noises, Matt and Ranae went in another direction.  Nothing responded to their sounds.

Next week, they look for Bigfoot in Illinois and study at a cemetery (Ranae camps out in it!). Yes, strangely, BF is reported at cemeteries often.


  1. Haha, again Bobo comes through with some funny lines. He never disappoints.


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