Recap of Finding Bigfoot

They went to Connecticut last night, a densely populated state. Cliff said something great about them being more stealthy and ninja-like in areas with high human populations. It is true that they know about dumpsters, crops, orchards, and more.  They found out there were coyotes there. Bobo talked about coyotes being raised by Bigfoot and hanging together. Nothing really happened.

Best Lines:
Bobo:  I don't think I have any running shoes, Cliff
Bobo:  Crabs, lobsters and rare Bigfoot accounts? This is a win/win for the Bubbs!
Ranae: Ever better, I wanna see Moneymaker on a trampoline.
Cliff:  I love bigfooting, even when there's not Bigfoot around.
Witness:  Yes sir (to Ranae)
Bobo: (camera) It makes Ranae look fat. It makes Matt look fatter too. Like an oompa loompa.
Matt: Sasquatches are a wily kind of critter. (funny, because I compare Matt to Wiley Coyote)

A woman got something looking like a Bigfoot on a video of her children playing. She was an excellent witness. They went into the woods there to check it out at night, but it was lame.  The witnesses at the intimate restaurant town hall meeting had some very feasible stories.

Cliff took off alone in solo investigation. He heard a lion-like sound. It was a bear retreating.

Matt and Ranae went to listen to a guy who had been jumping on a trampoline 14 years ago and was watched by a Bigfoot. Apparently trampolines are tempting for BFs and kids playing. The experience sounded very genuine.  Ranae thought their look at it was too brief.

Bobo went to talk to a witness who had a Bigfoot looking for some grub as a man was barbecuing. It would appear the BF was about 9 feet tall.

Cliff thought a porcupine was cute and chased it down and pissed it off.  He was like a kid in the wilderness, all excited. He found nothing else.

They went to talk to one more witness and Matt doesn't believe the details.  It just didn't jive right.

They went on to pick up Cliff. They are thinking Connecticut is a pathway to other states.  They decided they would try to do something that looks like camping. They put up a dummy camp and decided to cook some food. Bobo monitored some remote control cameras to see if BF goes near the cooking grub.  They did some wood knocks and then some howls.  They tried every trick they could think of, but nothing happened.

Okay, okay, guys! I am sick of you calling them ANIMALS.  Enough said!

Next week, they go to Oregon and finally they get with it and put someone high up in a tree top to view the area stealthily.


  1. You missed the commentary:

    (Ranae breaks a knocking stick on the log Bobo is sitting on)
    Ranae: You just can't find good wood these days.
    Bobo: I'm right here!

  2. Good Recap ...the show gets funnier each week.


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