Recap Of "Finding Bigfoot"

Last night, the team went to Pennsylvania.  PA is considered to be on the top 10 BF spots. A video some kids did while riding an ATV got a supposed Bigfoot on the film. They checked out the height and filming spot and realized it was a hoax.

The team moved on because the state had lots of action in Allegheny National Forest. They spent a night in the wilderness.  They got some eye shine. Then, they did some knocking and got a knock back.  Bobo decided to stay and camp a few days.

Best Lines
Cliff:  I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Bobo:  I'm a squatcher, not a lover.
Cliff:  I feel like I'm wearing cellophane pants, feeling kinda exposed right now.
Bobo:  I hate wearing cellophane pants, they always make me sweaty.
Bobo:  It might have caught our scent and just booked it!
Bobo: This could definitely be a squatchin' hot spot!
Bobo: Everybody knows that Squatch likes tasty treats.
Bobo:  I love being a DJ for a squatch. Track number three!

They had a town hall meeting to find out where BF is moving around.  They had some nice witness stories. The majority were on the Allegheny River or Allegheny Reservoir. Matt and Ranae went to interview a kid who had a very interesting and detailed report. He sounded very convincing with his details.

Cliff met with a man who saw a Bigfoot walk across the road and go over the guardrail.  Cliff found him to be a credible witness. 

Bobo camped near a stream off the lake.  He left out some cookies and sweets. Of course, he had to taste test them. He also left out a chicken and gravy and barbecue sauce.  He performed some wood knocking and got a whoop.  It ended up there were others out there including other squatchers calling.

The team met up with Bobo and decided they would find a more isolated area. They decided to use a broken down train track where they could get up high and call blast into the valley in an area that is closed off to the public. This was the coolest most creepy-ass place they've ever set up. They decided to use whale calls which have been supposedly successful in Washington State.

Bobo and Ranae stayed up high to see and hear and Cliff and Matt went into the valley. They decided to knock on the metal structures of the fallen bridge with a rock. They played the whale sounds and something clanked loudly back at them from the area where they had struck the metal earlier. Then, the guys heard walking. They found nothing on thermal from above. They tried the whale sounds one more time and then finally gave up.

Next week, they go to Connecticut and set up a dummy camp. Looks pretty interesting.