Paranormal Energy

Energies. We talk about this a lot in ghost hunting. What are we talking about when we talk about energy? 

This is how I put it:

"In terms of the intuitive, using our 6 senses, energy is that physical constellation of symptoms that alerts our warning system to a change in atmosphere, perceived threat, or incoming information from an unseen source. This energy is something that we can send out or receive."

We also speak of energy like Chi - the energy force in nature often disrupted by bad feng shui - (placement of objects in an environment).  I often discuss with clients some minor changes, clearing pathways, decluttering, adding light, and being careful of where mirrors are placed (not across from a door or window where it creates a continuous loop of traveling energy).  There is something to say about not having cul-du-sacs for energy in your home.

We also speak of batteries and other energy sources being sucked of their available energy by spirit forms hoping to materialize. Whether that kind of energy conversion is possible, we don't know. It doesn't happen often enough to make a correlation, but like haunting features, there might be a momentary set of circumstances that makes a burst of energy to show phenomena or a burst of draining from energy sources.

I often tell people in the field to please start noting in a haunted location, where you felt an energy and how you would describe it physically and emotionally. Was it positive or negative feeling? Heavy, thick, dense, light, pitter pattering? Start to note these nuances and you will find patterns. Each person's body and mind interprets these differently. To me, a male energy is very dense, heavy and low lying. A female energy is broken, light and floating. To another investigator, it might feel different. They might actually envision a male or female, blue or pink, strong or delicate, or some other interpretive representation.

Another energy talked about is Orgone Energy -

Wilhelm Reich's discovery of orgone began with his research of a physical bio-energy basis for Sigmund Freud's theories of neurosis in humans. Wilhelm Reich believed that traumatic experiences blocked the natural flow of life-energy in the body, leading to physical and mental disease. Wilhelm Reich concluded that the libidinal-energy that Freud discussed was the primordial-energy of life itself, connected to more than just sexuality. Orgone was everywhere and Reich measured this energy-in-motion over the surface of the earth. He even determined that its motion affected weather formation.

In 1940, Wilhelm Reich constructed the first device to accumulate orgone energy: a six-sided box constructed of alternating layers of organic materials (to attract the energy) and metallic materials (to radiate the energy toward the center of the box). Patients would sit inside the accumulator and absorb orgone energy through their skin and lungs. The accumulator had a healthy effect on blood and body tissue by improving the flow of life-energy and by releasing energy-blocks.

I have pondered this energy that we seem to gather all our psychic information. As a psychometrist, I wonder how just touching something transfers information to me and how that object holds memories and emotions from others who handled it. I cannot explain it, except to say there is an energy that unites everything and can pass information, as well.

Subtle energies affect us all the time such as ultrasound, EMF, and geomagnetic storms. Earth energies affect us, as do solar energies. There is no reason not to think that these energies can change and alter, causing small nuances in our skin temperature, our sense of touch - goosebumps, a feeling of being watched, or more.

If these energies are also the means by which the paranormal world travels, well, you have an ideal interaction of people seeing, feeling, smelling, touching things and a means by which things go from a supernatural state to a physical state.

We toss around the word "energy" a lot in the ghost hunting field and what we're really talking about is a form of energy we don't understand but that we know exists. It's the great unifier and facilitator; the needle that pierces the fabric of the worlds.