Mind Fuck Tuesday: Ancient Giants! Amazing Realizations

Ready for today's theory about ancient giants? 

I spent my Sunday off doing what a paranormal geek does, studying. I took all the accounts I could find of ancient giant skeleton finds and made a chart to find similarities, correlations, make some assumptions about migration or culture, time range, anything. While doing this, I thought about this - 

Ancient giant skeletons have been found around the entire world - a race of exceedingly tall (7-12 feet tall) people with receding foreheads, double rows of teeth and technology (fire/tools/writing) advanced from other modern man/Neanderthal/Denisovans that were on the earth then. Ancient Indians said that they came to America and found the giants here with technology they didn't know. They had battles and the Indians say they killed off the giants. But, what if they simply drove them into hiding? What if for thousands of years, they remained hidden, and in that time became feral--loss of cloth-making/fire-making technology and over time grew hair on their bodies in their feral rough environment? What if Bigfoot is the Alhegewi (ancient giant tribe)?

Enjoy this chart and see if it doesn't give you chills - 

8-9 feet (bodies lost in shipping to university?)
Stone coffins
Phillipines 1928 
17- feet tall and other 13-foot tall ones

India 1960
11-foot man – assumed large ape—not ape-like bones
Stones, charcoal bits, flints, metal bowl
Rome 1969
Each occupant 6-1/2 to 8 feet tall.
50 tiled coffins
Crittendon, AZ 1891
12 feet tall, long hair
Clay sarcophagus, bird-shaped hat, bones crumbled to dust.
Winslow, AZ
Giant skull (a Stetson set atop of it made the hat look like a tiny party hat)

Nevada, 1911 , cave
6-1/2 to 9 feet tall, red hair

Nevada 1931 cave
8-10 feet tall,
Wrapped in gum covered cloth like a mummy,
Nevada 1939
7 feet 7 inches tall

Indiana 1879 mound
Lots of skeletons, one was 9 feet 8 inches.
Lost in flood
A necklace of mica, a small human figure of fired clay with flint embedded, flints and axes not like natives work.
Ohio 1897

22-inch copper axe, weighed 38 pounds
Indiana 1925 mound
8 skeletons, 8-9 feet tall, (scattered and lost)
Wearing heavy copper armor.
New York 1880s
5 skeletons – 1 was 11 feet tall

Pennsylvania mound
68 men, none less than 7 feet tall. Sent to museum promptly “lost.”

New York 1886
8-foot tall skeleton

Minnesota 1885 mounds
Six skeletons 7-8 feet tall, receding foreheads, buried upside down, bones crumbled when in contact with air.

Minnesota 1885 mounds
More giant skeletons found with receding foreheads and buried upside down.

Minnesota mound
Titan-sized bones,
Huge, flat cooking pans, stone axe head – 28 inches long, 14 inches wide, 11 inches thick, 300 pounds!
Minnesota mound 1896
9 foot skeleton

Minnesota mound
Bones of 7-foot tall men

Minnesota Mound 1888
Seven gigantic skeletons 7-8 feet tall

Minnesota mound 1882
Ten giant skeletons
Horses of bones and animals thought to not be in America before Europeans arrived.
California 1833, bones given to tribe
Skeleton over 12 feet tall inside coffin, double rows of teeth
Stone coffin, surrounded by carved shells, massive stone axe, flint spear tips, tablets covered in unknown script . Medicine man said these were the alhegewi, an ancient giant tribe here before the Indians that the Indians fought and killed off.
12-15 feet tall
Arrow that was 6-1/2 feet long
Ancient Japanese came upon a Chinese shore and a tribe over 11 feet tall

Tennessee 1821
Skeletons 7 feet tall.

Ohio mound 1879
9-feet 8-inch tall

Utah mound
6-feet 6-inches

Ohio mound
Enormous proportions
Clay coffin, sandstone slab, heiroglyphs
Minnesota 1883
10 skeletons gigantic size

West Virginia 1884
7-feet 6-inches
Massive stone temple chamber
Pennyslvania 1885
7-feet 2-inches
Vault with carvings on it
California 1885 cave
Mummified woman 6-feet 8-inches holding an infant

Ohio 1895
20 skeletons seated, facing east, jaws and faces twice the size modern man
Beside each body, a bowl with hieroglyphs
Kentucky 1965
8-feet 9-inches

Nevada 1877
Bone found from leg showed modern man but 12 feet tall. Rock it was found in was of the Jurassic Dinosaur era!

Footprints prove race of ancient 12-foot tall giants
Clubs and hammers over 300 pounds.
Utah cave
2 mummies of large stature
45 stone stacked boxes wrapped in juniper bark and pine pitch to keep waterproof, swords, tools, copper, metal plates,
Utah 1930s, Univ of Utah and Brigham Young skeletons
12 skeletons 8-feet to 10-feet., hand and finger bones nearly reached the kneecaps.
Stone roof covered in pitch, stone chest with 12 bodies in spoke like fashion around it, inside chest metallic records recording their 12 lives.
New York 1871
200 giants found in cemetery, most 7-9 feet tall. Most skulls broken or dented as if in battle.
String of beads around each neck. Axes and skimmers made of stone, stone pipes in some jaws, tomahawks and axes, pipes with dog heads carved into them.
Ohio 1872 mound
3 skeletons over 8 feet, double rows of teeth, crumbled when exposed to air.

Minnesota  1885
The remains are completely petrified, and are of gigantic dimensions. The head is massive, measures 31-1/2 inches in circumference. but low in the os frontis, and very flat on the top.
The femur measures 26-1/4 inches. and the fibula 25-1/2 inches, while the body is
equally long in proportion.
From the crown of the head to the sole of the foot. the length is 10-feet 9-1/2 inches. The measure around the chest is 59-1/2 inches. This giant must have weighed at least nine hundred

California 1898
Female 7-feet 6-inches Tail-like appendage

Texas 1974 (chalk mountain)
Sealed in cave
7-foot woman

California 1810
6-toed giant

Montana 1924
Huge human molar found in strata that was between 30 and 75 million years old.

Skull with massive jaw and double rows of teeth all around

Shemya-island in the Aleutians 1943
Huge human bones found next to mastodon and mammoth bones. Skulls were 22” to 24” long, the skeletons 24-feet tall. Skulls had 2-inch holes in them.

10-12 feet and over
Clubs, pounders, chisels, knives, weighing up to 25 pounds
25- feet tall

20-feet tall

Footprints of 17-foot tall man

Mummified giants 10-feet tall, sitting cross legged, arms crossed over legs. Distinctly red hair
Stone slabs, massive archway and capstone
50 giant skeletons 10-14 feet tall

West Virginia
10-foot 9-inch skeleton

Turkey 1950s tomb
Sent to creationist museum Texas
Femurs measured 47.24 inches – making them 14-16 feet tall

Aborigines in Australia, interestingly, have tales of the giants being there when they arrived, much like the Native Americans have.

Repeatedly, American tribes have reported the giants were here first and had tools and abilities that the early natives did not. They fought the giants and killed them off. They were reported as white skinned, very tall, blond/red hair.

Book of Mormon
In the Book of Ether – Jaredites were guided by God through the wilderness and across the see in barges. At one time, said to be 2,000,000 in population before their destruction. This occurred about the time the other refugees from Jerusalem arrived in America (Nephites, Lamanites, Mulekites), scattering the remaining Jaredites upon the arrival of these people who inherited the land (Paleo-Indians?).

Another thing about those ancient giants - wielding 300-pound axes worked pretty well against mastadons and mammoths. Why else would you fashion something that would be overkill for any other creature on the land? They went extinct about 10,000 years ago (the animals--apparently not the giants).

There was a story in a paper in the early 1900s about an explorer finding a cave in the Grand Canyon and inside was what looked like an Egyptian tomb. Might it have been a giant's tomb? They supposedly possessed statues, heiroglyphs, smelted ores, stonework, and stored seeds. It was said the Smithsonian took away the items, closed off the area, and the secrets were kept from the public. Is it possible that institutions and governments know about this civilized ancient people but find it impossible to explain to citizens without throwing everything we think we know into chaos? 

Also, if you include that these were leaps and bounds above early modern humans in technology, language, building skills with large stones, etc., then it goes to assume that perhaps early man learned much from them and made leaps in his brain capabilities. But, should a giant have remained on the earth, with an evolutionary jump on man, what might his mind's potential be now if you pulled him from his feral setting and taught him the basics as a child to an adult? Einstein? Tesla? Hmm.... Might his descendents be brilliant and hiding and mimicking, outsmarting and surviving?

In looking at the ancient giants information, I sometimes find myself thinking it is preposterous that a being could be 24 feet tall! I can almost imagine 10 feet, but 24??? Then, I realize I'm looking at this with a frame of reference to modern humans. I am like a Chihuahua finding the concept of a Great Dane ridiculous.

Perspective - my head size 22 inches on the left and the head size of a giant found in Minnesota with a 31-1/2 inch head (also had 26-1/4 inch femur -- mine is 15 inches).
My height 5'8"
His height 10'9-1/2".

I can see where religions and universities are threatened by this potential kink in the creation/evolution ways of thinking, but honestly how can we explain a very large intelligent man before modern man arrived? It doesn't exactly line up, now, does it?

I gave you a GIANT amount of mind fuck material for today, but my hope is to get discussions going about what religious and educational institutions have told us about Earth's history and man's place in the time line. Hope this has you looking for more info -and expect me to write a lot about this in the coming future, it is a new obsession.


  1. Sharon, I have a question about ghosts - since you're covering America-wide Lovecraftian mystery today. I wondered if you've ever ghost hunted in the Vermont hills or checked out Bennington college. I'm in academia, and a couple of years ago a job advert came up for that place. I did a fair amount of background research on it, and what came up was a lot of strange stuff, plus the literary authors (often alumni) who wrote frightening pieces around it. I wondered what you thought about that area.

    1. The Bennington Triangle is a case that really intrigues me. I've written about it a few times on here. My hope is to some day move into making documentaries and one that I want to do is about portals, or locations where a high degree of strangeness occur, sometimes for limited times. These include earth lights, missing people, UFOs, ghostly stuff, Bigfoot, cryptids. There are other sites like this, such as the San Luis Valley in Colorado, Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, Paris, Texas... I am working on theories about how and why portals form, but there are so many variables. And, some are time specific, and so they come and go.

  2. Very interesting. After I read about two girls falling through a horizontal plate glass window at three in the morning at Bennington (can't recall details but that is what I remember off top of my head) plus a number of grisly suicides by students and faculty I felt there was more to the place than met the eye.


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