Kismet: Are There No Accidents?

Sometimes, there are no accidents. It seems as if you are guided by fate. I always say as a psychic that, you know your vision is seriously accurate when you feel inside as if it's already a done deal. That same intuition, if you are open to it, can guide you into situations where you get "signs" and you think you are being guided, but more than likely, you are using your openness to receiving info from the universe.

Case in point, this abandoned trailer park (above):

My son and I looked for an abandoned place for him to film at. He was in college studying art with a focus on film and he wanted a gritty location. We passed by what looked like a bunch of abandoned trailers in the desert, filled to the brim with discarded belongings and cast off suitcases, dolls, toys, TVs and other items on the desert floor.

He filmed there, but was drawn to go back again. While there, he found a journal in all the debris. It was a teenaged girl's and filled with angst and moodiness, some art and poetry. He took it home. He nearly obsessed over it, flipping through it, wondering what happened to this woman that he figured was about 10 years older now.

We went through it to find clues. She mentioned a nearby city and a guy's name. My son looked him up on Facebook and he was from that town. So, he messaged the guy with an odd question - did you know this girl who wrote about you and said this and that in our journal? Yup. The guy was her best friend in school.

He told my son that he'd contact the woman who lived in Washington State now.

Well, the woman contacted my son and said she was an author. She was writing her memoirs. Of all the ironies, she had gotten to her teen years and couldn't find the journal from that time in her life. He literally found it when she needed it. Shivers.

She admitted she had not been to that part of town the trailer was in and didn't know how it got there. My son mailed it off to her.

Did her journal call to him that she needed it? Well, my talent is psychometry (touching objects to get information from the past people who handled it). It's entirely possible he felt her concentration on the document. It's also possible that the ties to her and the item were still remaining and he simply walked into the pathway and felt a nagging feeling from it.

We may never know how this came to be except to say the intuitive is a very special feeling. It gnaws at you, rolls around in the back of your mind, casts a weird shadow over you, until you turn and face it.  If we answer it, we find kismet or serendipity, signs and coincidences.

Enjoy this video of the site as it is today - the trailers were dragged from the property, except for one, and the belongings scattered over the desert. Julie and I had two stories from our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) book from this site.

Song by Arid "Little Things Of Venom"


  1. Very sad to see sites like this - human wreckage. In a way it is a portrait of our own common mentality; when we are done with something that has served us, we don't treat it with respect, we throw it away. We should cultivate respect for things, people, animals that have stood by us for years. Your video reminded me of a blind old shepherd dog I rescued two years ago - owner had dumped him in a ditch rather than pay to give him to the pound or have him put down.


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