Just Some of the Work By MK Davis

Tonight on Paranormal Geeks Radio, our guest is MK Davis. He is one of only a handful of people in the Bigfoot Research field that I completely and utterly respect. He has impressed me, not just with his meticulous and tedious work on cleaning up and stabilizing videos of Bigfoot, but because as a human being he is a very personable honest fellow who does not talk down about others; an all around good guy. He really is a rare gem in a world of research that is angry, aggressive, taunting, bullying and downright criminal. I make it my total focus to encourage people doing good in the paranormal fields. I will go to great lengths to be sure they get seen for their silent hard work and their honest intentions to hopefully drown out the riffraff and encourage intelligent research and respect.

That he does this service without any compensation and sometimes in a manner that makes it possible for people to not steal others videos he is cleaning up, says a great deal about his passion about clearing visual evidence to elucidate just a bit more info that might help us make a conclusion.

MK is best known for being the original stabilizer of the Patterson-Gimlin film and has gone on to stabilize and clean up tons of Blobsquatch videos, but he also is an astrophotographer, field researcher, photographer, and produced the most clear video of the Kennedy assassination film to date (see below).

MK is not only a paranormal geek, but for all his hard work in the field, he made it to our Rock Stars in the Paranormal World in our Paranormal Geeks book. I hope you will join us in tonight's Paranormal Geeks Radio show at 9 pm EST to listen.

I'm very excited about this video below. MK mentioned Karl Sup and I's Horizontally Dynamic Foot Theory.