Infrasound For Antigravity?

Infrasound, a range of sound that is not audible to humans, below our range of hearing, and yet our bodies can feel ill effects from it.

Case in point - what infrasound can do to water -

Some speak of Bigfoot using infrasound and the effects it could have on us. There is a human who can make infrasound because he has unusually long vocal chords, so there is no reason not to think BF can't do the same, given his size. If used properly, you might even forget you saw him, feel unsettled and leave the forest quickly, get a headache, or just like viewers of UFOs, have missing time.

But, when looking at this experiment on the video, you realize that there is potential for antigravity use. What if a craft used it to propel itself. A wide swath of infrasound to hover, a laser-like focused infrasound to jet off quickly. Humans wouldn't hear it, but they might feel kind of sick or their minds might get missing time. How would those flying inside be able to stand it? Shields would keep it from going inside, but force it to emanate outside.

This is just a musing of mine, but feel free to take it and run. 


  1. Very interesting musing. Had never considered sound could be some form of craft stabilization method. Got me thinking!


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