Indian Glyphs, Ancient Mounds and Giants

This chart above shows ancient mound symbols. The mounds were from the Ohio Valley area. Interestingly, I went photographing some glyphs in the Arizona Desert that are near an area where Bigfoot has been reportedly seen. I found some crazy stuff -

The sign at the glyphs shows there are anthropomorph symbols (man/animal figures)

Did you see this symbol (above) on the chart (above)?

What looks like a Bigfoot with no neck, huge feet, carrying what looks like a tree he broke off the stump to the right of him, near a river, and with a mound builder symbols on the far right (circle within a circle).  Bigfoots have been reported in this area and, why not? Natives have lived here thousands of years.

Interesting checkerboard above, huh?  See it on the chart below?

These symbols on this chart are Ogham. This is early centures of AD in Ireland. Ireland had a giant they called Fomorions.  We find Ogham symbols in Arizona, Georgia, the Ohio Valley. Were these medieval folks coming to America?

What ties this all together?

The mystery will continue and I will keep you updated as I gather more.


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