Cave Beings

What lives inside the caves? Have you ever wondered if there was an intelligent being inside them that might have evolved alongside us, but evolved to live without sight? To use sonar? To glow in the dark?

Let's have a look at some cave legends -

The story about this monster (above) is that some children in Panama saw it crawl out of a cave and beat it to death and threw it into a pool of water. Some called it a gollum, others a monster, and some believe it might be a sloth of some kind.

A spelunker in Missouri reported that he in the early 1990s, he went caving in Missouri and Arkansas. He went deep into a cave system and heard a rustling sound. What he reportedly saw defies any explanation. He said he saw a golf cart like vehicle and then a 7-foot tall lizard man with a ridge of scales on his head and a long tail and wearing a gold-colored outfit. This would be absolutely absurd except to make up such a ridiculous story seems rather ineffective. These details are rather intriguing.

Another story in 2004 in Missouri involved two folks riding ATCs. They rode into what was supposedly a fallout shelter series of caves and went in about 8 miles. They reportedly had a sharp turn they couldn't make, but instead went through some holographic projection of a cave wall and ended up in a road system that was older and larger than the previous one. They, then, came across two tall beings that were lizard like, one was albino looking and smaller than the other, but still very large and the very large one was reddish in color. The lizard person apparently shot a weapon at the ATC and the engine went dead, so they jumped onto the other one's ATC and rode away.

Getting scared yet?

Another man from Austria reported that he was a geologist and inside of a salt mine cave when he heard voices. He came into a void where it had a bad odor and strange red rock. He was taking a sample when he heard the voices louder. He backed off to hide from it. He then saw yellow lights glowing and entering the area. The beings were human-like, but all had lizard features. They wore dark-colored uniforms. They had long prominent tails that swished and were very muscular.  He backed out of there after seeing about 20 of them go single file through the caverns.

A cave found on the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers in the Grand Canyon is the site of a Hopi legend. According to them, their ancestors once lived underground with a friendly race of "ant people." Some of their kind turned to sorcery and made alliances with lizard and serpent men who dwelled deeper in the caverns. Reportedly, the explorer Kincaid said he found one of the caves which was filled with Oriental, Egyptian and Central American artifacts.

If this subject interests you, I suggest you read accounts on Phantoms & Monsters blog. Lon's blog is the single best source of first-hand stories of paranormal in the entire world. He is also publishing books based on the compilations of these stories by subject matter. The first one is out now, called Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters - it's a great book! I could read these encounters all night long!

Want some more? How about creepy cave movies - 



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