Ben Hansen Tonight on Paranormal Geeks Radio

You may remember Ben as the team leader for "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" show. I have a few fun parodies of the show up above on the Laugh/comedy tab. He has a huge body of experience in paranormal investigations and a great critical thinker with a focus on UFOs. 
Join us tonight! I'll be in the chatroom
9 pm EST/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific

A few years ago when the show had its first season, I was lucky enough to privately interview him for several hours and pick his brain on lots or paranormal subjects.

And I knew my readers would expect me to get a kiss from this sweetheart and paranormal geek rockstar -

And Ben was dear enough to give us a quote for the cover of our Paranormal Geeks book from this paranormal geek rockstar -

“I used to hide my UFO books and articles when my friends would come to visit. I knew it wasn't `cool’ to be into aliens and spaceships and I didn't want to explain to them for hours how much they didn't know. Certified GEEK! Finally, a book that represents all those hiding in the paranormal closet!”