Are Bigfoot Ancient Giants' Feral Descendants?

My theory today as I research ancient giant skeletons -
Ancient giant skeletons have been found around the entire world - a race of exceedingly tall (7-12 feet tall) people with receding foreheads, double rows of teeth and technology (fire/tools) advanced from other modern man/Neanderthal/Denisovans that were on the earth then. Ancient Indians said that they came to America and found the giants here with technology they didn't know. They had battles and the Indians say they killed off the giants. 
But, what if they simply drove them into hiding? What if for thousands of years, they remained hidden, and in that time became feral--loss of cloth-making/fire-making technology and over time grew hair on their bodies in their feral rough environment? What if Bigfoot is the Alhegewi (ancient giant tribe)?
I'm working today on a chart of the discovered skeletons, locations, year of discovery, tools and physical descriptions. I hope to share that soon on here. 


  1. That chart sounds awesome...hope you post it soon!

    1. Tuesday morning on Mind Fuck Tuesday, I'll be publishing it on here along with some other info and theories.


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