Abandoned Motel

Julie and I went back to the abandoned motel used for one of the chapters in our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) book. It's changed a bit. The last time, there was a TV out front, now, a black bird with its head ripped off - welcoming, huh?


  1. Curious to know, do you ever worry about your personal safety poking around in abandoned places? I only ask b/c as a woman, looking at the surroundings, it doesn't look safe if there was trouble around there.

    1. It might be time to yet again repost our rules for safety, but yes, we are very cautious. We have been to this site several times over the past 2 years and it is on a busy corner downtown in this town and while one is inside looking and photographing, the other is outside watching, the car is right next to us, and we both carry protection.

  2. Wow - that's downtown in a town? I thought my local town was bad! LOL. I figured you guys were cautious, just looking at those photos with no knowledge of the site, it looks like middle of nowhere.

  3. I saw some of these pix reposted on another website this morning and followed the link back here. I recognized the buildings immediately. I, too, have stopped here to admire the buildings poke around and take some pictures.

    I'll not divulge the location, but it's outside of a small town that's in the middle of the desert in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Here in the UK we are run by an Orwellian nanny state and as soon as any building becomes derelict it is boarded up with great speed as if they are locking away the terror of a possible accident and yet totally fail to realise that danger is absolutely necessary to learn. Do we stop telling kids off "just in case it upsets them" do we stop people going fishing or hunting because "an animal might die" do we never stray off their chosen path and feed our curiosity just because some jelly fish government lunatic has decided "You cant go there because you "could" fall over or you "may" trip and you "might" hurt yourself. I cannot stand to be fenced into a societal system of high protection ooh ooh the fear. You guys keep up the pictures because here in the UK we are fenced into a nanny state human protection system and its very illegal to wander off the beaten track.


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