Urban Legend: The Hook

One of the most beloved urban legends of all time is "The Hook."

We Americans love our urban legends. This classic old-time one goes like this; a couple on lover's lane listening to music and making out, hear an announcer come on to warn that a serial killer has just escaped from a nearby institution.

Supposedly, the killer has a hook for a hand. The upset lovers decide to leave when they start hearing creepy sounds. When they arrive home, they find the hook caught in the car door handle. Many variations have been done of this theme, but it seemed to serve as a cautionary tale for young adults and the dangers in the world, especially when you're not focused on your environment.


  1. I remember hearing a similar car-related urban legend when I was a kid. A friend related the tale to me while we were at a gas station filling our bicycle tires. Of course, he indicated that it had happened at that very gas station.

    Late one night, a gas station attendant called a female customer into the station because there was a 'problem' with her car. She was in a hurry, but he was insistent. She reluctantly came inside and he locked the door behind them.

    She grew suspicious of his intentions because he was acting so strangely. (I believe a misleading element is common in such stories)

    He then picked up the phone to call the police, telling her he'd spied a man hiding in her back seat with an ax. The woman was so scared she didn't know what to believe, but they waited for the police to arrive.

    Once the police got there, they checked her car's back seat and found nobody there. But upon further investigation, they found... an ax.


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