Salton Sea

That's actually me at Nagshead Beach and my siblings in the water. It's been a few years since then (you think?) but I still love the beach. At the time this shot was taken, it was the height of popularity in a California resort town called "Salton Sea." Things have changed a lot since then. Now, it is an almost completely vacated eco disaster area.

It's a lake directly on the San Andreas fault in California. It was a basin filled with water diverted from the Colorado River. It is more salty than the ocean but less salty than the Great Salt Lake. Pollution runoff and inability to add more water to it has made it a very nasty place. Much of it is abandoned and the saltiness has caused corrosion. It's gorgeous to me, but then you know how I love these kinds of places.

Julie and I are hoping to use Salton Sea and Desert Center in an upcoming edition of Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories book series for vanished towns.

Here's a documentary on the Salton Sea that was excellently done.


  1. You have a hi res version of that pic of you as a kid? That would be awesome to zombify the folks in the water like the undead surfacing to attack that poor little girl.

    1. I scanned the photo, dear. Haha. I think it looks like a scene from "The Monkees." Go ahead and zombitize if you wish.


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