Review of Finding Bigfoot

Last night's episode went to Lakota Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, Pine Ridge near Mt. Rushmore.  They are working on Ranae's squatch calling techniques.  The night investigation was lame, and they leave Cliff behind as they had a town hall meeting that provided some good witnesses.  The locals call him the "Tall Man." Cliff finds water in a drought time. Good conditions with animals gathering there. One man had many tracks outside of his home. Very good witness and he showed something I have found on a lot of trackways, that they walk one foot in front of the other. 

Best lines

Bobo:  Smells like manure and skunk all rolled into one, smells kinda like a squatch.
Bobo:  Little children laughing and playing is squatch bait.
Ranae:  Throw a rock at me.
Bobo:  It was a timeless experience.
Bobo: Whatever I like, the squatch likes.
Ranae:  (singing) If you're Bigfoot and you know it, show your face!

The team figured out a place with Bigfoot history and water and decided to go there for a team study at Yellow Bear Canyon. They saddled up on horses and took off for the back country.  Bobo tried using the Lakota name for Bigfoot to call out.  They didn't have any luck, but it was a very new and unusual type of site for them.

Next week is Indonesia!