Recap of Finding Bigfoot

Ranae believes that Orang Pendek, the smaller Bigfoot-variation of Indonesia is much more feasible than the Bigfoot of the Northwest. They spoke with an expert about where these creatures have been showing up in areas that are deforesting. A farmer on the edge of the volcano describe the scary sound the creature made when he encountered it.  The man described a fairly short creature, perhaps 4 and a half feet tall, arms the size of most people's thighs, huge chest area, long large face covered in hair that was silvery.

Best lines

Matt:  "He's just the best guy to hook up with."
Bobo:  "They're kind of criminally minded, it seems like."
Matt:  "We gotta try to do something with fruit here."
Bobo:  "I know I'm not gonna pass up any fruit pizzas."
Ranae:  Sounds like a "wha! wha!" 
Bobo:  She's pretty thick-headed about this kind of stuff.

They went out at night to check out the area where the man had seen an orange pendek less than 2 months ago.  They decided to try some calls and see if they can get things to stir. The jungle was so hot that the thermal was about useless.  Cliff decided to stay and go further into the jungle while the others talk to villagers.  Their "town hall" meeting was unusual.  Cliff found some hairs to get a sample of and he heard a tree falling. Between the jungle and farmlands encroachment, villagers are running into the creature more and more and it's trying to steal their food.

They hung up bags of low hanging fruit in the jungle. They tried to make noises to scare them near Matt and Renae. One of the bait bags showed evidence of nibbling. They heard a sound that was like an agitated huffing and decided to leave, worrying it might be a tiger.  Ranae felt that after observing the environment, she believed 10-fold more than ever that orang pendek is very possible.

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