Proof Of Time Travel?

Legit or total scam? Let's review this extraordinary story:

In 2008, a Chinese tomb was opened after 400 years of sitting there untouched. When the coffin was being unwrapped from cloth, something metallic hit the ground. They disovered a mud and rock encrusted watch ring stuck at 10:06 time reading with "Swiss" carved in the back.

I haven't found any updated info on what happened with this find, but they were working on a documentary so it must have surfaced at some point. I did find this fantastic article that talks about potential watches made in the last hundred and so years comparing it. This does seem like a very unusual piece.


  1. There's a long history of items found out of place, inside solid rock for instance. Logically, I fall toward the hoax (or in this case, site contamination) explanation, but the writer in me can't help wonder about things. Sometimes I like to think that the fabric of our universe, of space-time, can undulate and in doing so, people can glimpse our world at different times and perhaps remnants can become trapped in ours. Thus, we have a nail found in stone formed millions of years ago or a watch found inside a tomb sealed for 4 centuries.

  2. My guess on this one would probably be site contamination as well.


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