New Image From Tent Video

MK Davis is working on the raw footage from the tent video. This is a gif file showing the eye movement. If you want to stay up to date on MK's stabilized videos from Patterson-Gimlin to the Kennedy shooting, and tons of habituation site videos, go to his channel and subscribe on YouTube. It's fascinating watching.


  1. The more that I look at it the more it looks like that Halloween costume I showed you. The high forehead, small nose, and cheeks seem the same.

    1. This is what I appreciate about what MK is doing. People can send me all the video and photos of "evidence" they want, but if I wasn't there to see the conditions in which it was taken, I can only try to glean something from the video that is verifiable. I am hoping that when he releases the best version of this possible, a hoax will either be apparent, or some variable can be picked out to prove it. Honestly, until a body shows up for real and not hearsay, it's all a bunch of insanity and handled piss poorly. Whether it's a hoax or real, the film company and Dyer will go down as quite hated figures. No PR can spin this and make it look neat.

  2. ...It appears to be former Governor Jesse Ventura, perhaps investigating the plethora of Bigfoot capture or encounter hoaxes.


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