Keep Your Eye On Bigelow Aerospace

Expandable space modules, being designed by a fast-growing company in the Northern Las Vegas desert. Interesting, huh?  This project is funded by Bigelow's fortune made in the hospitality industry.  With changes in NASA's input into space stations and space travel, Bigelow jumped right in. It (Bigelow Aerospace) has three Space Act agreements whereby Bigelow Aerospace is the sole commercializer of several of NASA's key expandable module technologies. (Wikipedia)

A private company wishing to jump into the space realm harkens to the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster. Most people have an uncomfortable feeling about allowing private companies to develop space travel and space stations, but honest capitalistic pursuits create efficiency and considerations like comfort and safety when transporting civilians that might actually make the technology move along with some real ingenuity.

Speaking during a teleconference organised by the Commercial Spaceflight Federation in February 2010, Bigelow announced a new price of $23 million for a 30 day stay on a Bigelow habitat. That price covers everything including transport, training, and consumables. (Wikipedia)

Robert Bigelow might have made it onto the paranormal world's radar when Jesse Ventura decided to pursue Skinwalker Ranch in an episode of Conspiracy Theory. He made people wonder about how in a region known for Area 51, a man is building space stations with the government's nod of approval, supposedly allowed to put weapons in outer space, and has pursued knowledge of alien interactions. He also interestingly bought the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Northeast Utah, known for being a supposed "portal" of weirdness including UFOs, aliens, portals, skinwalkers and Bigfoot.

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with this interesting character. I do admit, he is definitely an intriguing person, perhaps the one I'd most like to talk to of all the self-made folks in the world. My toes curl at the prospect.

What do we really know about Robert Bigelow's intentions? Is he a rich eccentric with a fear of alien invasion? Is he a brilliant capitalist seeing a new future for wealthy tourists? Has he had alien encounters that changed the course of his life's focus? Or, is he NASA's godsend for future experiments in anti-gravity? 

Some have complained that he has taken over MUFON and its storage of alien encounters, as well as bringing in some of his own team to replace facilitators. Is he truly tampering with MUFON's information? Well, he hasn't asked me about my alien encounters. He can't buy those for anything.

If he is accumulating more power than any one man should have for such delicate subjects as space travel, weapons in space and alien encounters, then why is the government allowing it? If reports were true that we signed an agreement with aliens in the 1950s under Eisenhower, an agreement the Greys broke, then perhaps Bigelow is just the person to divert attention away from their bumbling and find another option for dealing with the next step in alien encounters.

Is he an intergalactic hero? An ambitious businessman? Or a fanciful rich eccentric?

Stay tuned....