Why We Can't Prove Ghosts

No matter how much we want to document ghostly activities on recorders, meters, and cameras, investigators are constantly up against a tough battle to get indisputable proof.

Our devices can't pick up what our human senses do. 

And, the reason for this might be the human soul. The very intuitive, sensitive, psychic, and empathic part of us might be necessary for interpretation of something not able to be registered by cold devices.

All our senses, including the psychic ones, run through the interpretive tool of our brain and might just recognize things that digital and analog devices cannot.

Is it possible that the human body is the best ghost tool available?

It's not only possible, it's probable. Poltergeist activity and psychokinesis (PK) is often attributed to the minds of certain people who can activate the movement of objects.  Haunted homes are often times more active for certain residents than others. On ghost hunts, a few members can be "ghost magnets" who run into phenomena more often than the rest of the team.

If there is something about our minds, bodies, souls, senses, electromagnetic fields, or other variable we are not aware of that can activate these sorts of situations, then we are not only the best tool to witness paranormal activity, we may in fact be necessary for its very existence!

This is not to say that we create a haunting, but our human qualities and perhaps our more ethereal ones might be a component to allow activity to even show itself. In other words, if a tree falls down in the forest and no one is there to interpret the sound waves, does it make a sound? If a human is not there, can an empty abandoned building be haunted?

Are we beacons for activity or are we components and if we are components, we might actually have some influence.

Therein lies the thrust of my theories and research in the coming year.


  1. Sometimes I feel that a ghost/entity/what have you can be attracted to the energy of a certain person... thus making the activity greater when said person is present.

    Then a group of hunters go into this place, looking for what we all dream to see... and very little happens...

    I almost wonder if you kept the people in the house... what would happen.

    Like they used to do on the A&E show... with the College Students from Penn State.

    I didn't really agree with their methods 100%... but, I often wonder....

    What if?

  2. I think that the "hoaxing" by some of the paranormal TV shows has so tainted the waters that hard evidence collected from a parashow would not be taken seriously. Some of the names that I once respected have appeared as corrupt fools with only a couple of seasons on TV.


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