What Are Ghosts Made Of?

What are ghosts made up of? There are lots of explanations. In the Victorian era, ghosts were proclaimed to be made of ectoplasm, a nasty substance that looked a bit like vomited cheesecloth (perhaps because most times it was—by the deceptive medium during a séance).

AGH, (my now favorite term for “After Ghost Hunters”), investigators proclaim they are made of energy and they manifest by drawing energy from human bodies, batteries, the heat in the air, and anything else they can steal from. Apparently, these gypsies from the netherworld didn’t get the memo that modern office buildings with all their EMF producing devices make manifestations much quicker and easier and instead take the route of old home with no electricity in place.

So, what are ghosts made of?

If you watched the wonderful clip above from "American Paranormal," (National Geographic Channel) the answer will be similar to the one I proposed quite some time ago on my blog—neutrinos.

As discussed in the short above, if that were so, it would not emit light, sound, or visual. You would not see it in any form or hear it, yet ghosts seem to make plenty of sounds and make themselves shown. I discussed the possibility of neutrinos being the way in which psychics pick up information, such as I do when holding an object. Could it be that a spirit form is actually made up of neutrinos but has the ability in the right environment to charge itself in a way that makes it momentarily heard or seen? Is this why ghosts are so intermittent? Neutrinos are electrically neutral and are the result of solar/radiation decay. Could this explain why Chernobyl is believed to be so haunted? Might it also explain why there is more activity on solar storm active days and geomagnetically active days?

I appreciate theories (no duh), so let's put down some possible explanations for ghosts and what they're made of:

1. Ghosts are psychologically induced by people and perhaps their visual cortex, pineal gland, or telekinetic means. Pros/cons: Ghosts are often times witnessed by people who do believe in their existence and by groups of people seeing the same thing at the same time. However, many sightings are reported by people in times of stress.

2. Ghosts are actually a life form from another dimension with the capability of entering and exiting ours. Pros/cons: This would explain the fleeting nature of ghosts and the sometimes nonsensical sounds and words emitted. It does not explain, however, why they concentrate in areas of death and trauma.

3. Ghosts are made of neutrinos and hence able to go anywhere at any time, even through people, but for reasons unknown to us can somehow interact with the environment to let themselves be known. Pros/cons: This covers how they can move anywhere and go through objects and people. This does not explain how we are able to see them and hear them.

4. Ghosts are made up of a content we do not understand and may never discover because it's not part of our physical world, but another world that allows for occasional random filtration through our world, giving us momentary "contact." In other words, the spiritual realm. Pros/cons: Still, if we can sometimes see and hear them--they are able to manipulate in our physical realm so there should be a time when they can be "trapped" for observation. This, today, seems to be a preferable explanation.

5. Ghosts are pure energy and therefore able to affect people and objects around them. Pros/cons: Then that energy should be measured. It might also explain why they drain other forms of energy.

I'd love to hear your input. What are ghosts made of?


  1. i really don't know what little ghost are made up... i think the mind makes it's choice when you see it. it could be just what you want or believe... my hopes that they would be less threatening than the worse. i can see some messed up ideas coming from the best messed up minds.

    i think that makes some sense?

  2. Speaking about ghosts, I'd like to have your opinion on something, Sharon. I've recently visited a house that is supposedly haunted and I published some pictures of it on my blog. The house definitely had a weird vibe to it. Knowing that you are able to sense strange energies in places, I'd like to know what your idea is about this house. Also, there is a picture of a young boy and I have the impression that there is the ghostly presence of a girl behind him. Maybe you can have a look at the picture and tell me what you think it might be. Many thanks for your help :)
    If others are willing to help, that would be great too :)


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