Road Trip Fun!

It began with a Sasquatch Burger at The Lodge in Scottsdale, Arizona. They used two grilled cheese sandwiches for the bun! WHOA! It was amazing. Truly the best burger ever. Julie and I shared it and it was too much still!

I had to taunt the Saguaro because, well, it was taunting me first!

Julie and I and, well, Elvis.

Superstition Mountains

Interesting gift store book

Canyon Lake

Superstition Mountains

Rare sight in the desert - ice!

Me at Goldfield Mining Town

Taking off in my dusty car - hats in the back window -

Mining camp supper - green beans, ribs, ham, chicken, stuffing, biscuits, cactus jelly, cole slaw, baked beans, roasted potatoes - and a show by the McNasty Brothers...


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