Review of Finding Bigfoot

The team went to Louisiana to see what's killing hogs.  They described a tall man with long hairy fur. A pig had its head eaten off and the ribs were all strewn apart. A wildlife management area is where a lot were seen and that's ideal since they are in an area where no one can shoot and lots of wildlife runs free.  They found an ideal back country area that they four-wheeled to where they could do an investigation at night.  Some locals think the crying sounds are a woman, the legend of La Llorona, a woman who lost her children. The team, however, thinks it might be a squatch call.  In a cool moment, they did a little URBEX'ing, finding a building they could hide inside of.  Ranae gave out a distress call and they got an interesting call back - from wolves. Bobo decided to stay the night.

Best Lines
Bobo:  I don't like to leave a party until I make a woman cry. 
Cliff:  You saw a Sasquatch on your property. That-is-cool!.. Might I say, that was the coolest first date ever.
Bobo:  It's like a free seafood buffet for a squatch!
Bobo:  Swamps suck.
Bobo:  You guys get the hogs, and I'll make them squeal.
Bobo:  You know squatches, they never follow the rules.

The description of a Bigfoot picking up a 200-pound hog and putting it under his arm and stepping over a fence, sounded very realistic and feasible. They talked to a very credible couple who had a roadway encounter in a refuge area.  The team got together and decided to make a little squatch pen with hogs, hoping to attract them. Strangely, we find Cliff is actually afraid of pigs.  I have a picture of an x-formation I found in the woods in a preserve in West Virginia with an arch to support it (BELOW). Interesting. They found one too - They think thought it was a marker, as well as a fallen log to block ATV traffic. They got a fantastic area for it, fantastic witnesses and conditions, lots of signs, but not really any squatchiness, other than some vague sounds.

Next week? Colorado!


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