Review of Finding Bigfoot

They went to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.  A recording of vocalizations from the area brought them there to check it out. This is supposedly a very active area and remote enough that the BFs are comfortable running about freely.

Bobo:  This is the Penthouse Suite of Sasquatch habitat.
Bobo: (surfer lingo?) I wanna catch a big Squatch on the Therm. 
Bobo:  While this tent is rocking, hopefully a squatch wants to come a knocking.  
Cliff:  It's like nobody is home at all. 

Weather made their night hunt a bummer.  Town hall meeting was promising.  I love witness reports. I really really really wish they would lengthen that part of it. I think we all get a big chill out of listening to their reports. Storytelling is something inherent in all humans. We love to listen to the accounts and the emotions associated.  One witness gives them an 14-foot estimate. This case was not making sense to them. That case isn't going anywhere, so they move on.

Bobo had a tent and a little campsite and a bb gun to pretend he's a hunter. 

They had some great witnesses with amazing footprint not long ago. They found the ideal place to set up for the night.  The team meet up with Bobo after his dud campout.  They did a little "ad" for FLIR. They have a van with scopes that can scope for thermal for up to 9 miles away. 

The technology is totally cool. You could see even tiny mice at 1000 meters. The detail was amazing. Bobo and Ranae manned the van while the others sneaked out in a quiet battery operated vehicle.  It seemed totally dead and lame-o. They were disappointed.   They decided they wanted to give the technology a try again. I hope so. It was actually pretty cool.  They need to paint the van like the mystery machine and they're ready to go!

Next week, Louisiana. Okay, okay, I might need to make a po'boy sandwich or something to get into the mood for this one.