Quiz: What Your Favorite Horror Movies Say About You

Pick the grouping of horror movies you'd most like to have in your collection and watch often.

1.  Saw, Hostel, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wolf Creek.
2.  The Haunting, The Changeling, The Legend of Hell House, The House on Haunted Hill.
3.  Psycho, The Birds, Jaws, The Wolf Man (original).
4.  Halloween, Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp, When a Stranger Calls.

1.  Physical.  These folks possess a great deal of emotion under the surface and these in-your-face gritty horror movies help them to express strong emotions safely. They act out desires for complete abandonment of rules and disregard for all that is considered sacred. It is ideal for someone with musings about doing things "outside the box." This adrenalin-pumping stimuli helps to give outlet to many strong emotions that they don't feel safe to express otherwise. It also gives a sense of giving it to the bad guy and have a clear-cut enemy. This black-and-white thinking utilized in these movies is satisfying for those who need the world to be checks and balances. It is not particularly indicative of someone with angry tendencies, but of someone who wants to release a lot of pent-up energy in a controlled arena or to undergo danger mentally rather than in real life. Consider it horror karate for the soul.

2.  Romantic.  These folks need mood and atmosphere. They are first and foremost romantics in that they prefer to place themselves into the location and situation when viewing. They live for storytelling and folklore, urban legends, and haunting plot lines. The characters involved in the story have to be ones that the viewers can identify with and cheer for. They are very much oriented to the personal challenges ahead of the hero and heroine. Chills and thrills for these viewers come in the form of what their mind imagines instead of what is actually shown. Some creepy music and a shadowy room are all it takes for a romantic viewer to be fully engaged.  These movies fulfill a need for experiences and relationships these viewers crave. Consider it horror with beauty.

3.  Historic.  These viewers are drawn to style.  They like their movies to act out like a play in a theater setting. The actors and time period, history and music come together into a slick atmosphere that draws their artistic and nostalgic eye.  Intelligent and witty dialogue and self-assured characters drawn in these fans, but it takes a moment in time encapsulated in a movie for them to be truly riveted.  Fans of this grouping of movies want to the setting, the cinematography, the dialogue, the acting, and the characters to be compelling and the nostalgic time frame to be accurate and realistic. They notice the details and they expect the directors to be the best ones possible to make these scenarios come to life. They might be history buffs and style mavins, but these viewers are classy and loyal. When they like these movies, they rewatch them forever. Consider it horror with class.

4.  Ingenuitive.  These viewers are thinkers, puzzle solvers, who need a medium that can allow them to work out scenarios, imagine what they would do in such a situation, and grade and critique the hero/heroine and his/her choices.  Horror is a mental puzzle for these viewers who relate heavily with the hero/heroine and hope to be surprised by some ingenuous technique. They expect the director to treat the movie like a who-dunnit and they want to figure out the next moves. Horror is cerebral for this crowd and they also take a bit of joy in seeing the dumb ones die off first, proving once again that intelligence wins out. Consider it horror with brains.

We all love a good horror movie, but the type that we tend to want to watch actually says a lot about what it is we get from the horror genre.


  1. Right between Romantic and Historic, but Historic just wins out. Classics really do say it best.

  2. You and me both. I'm . . . Romantoric? Histomantic? Anyway, I'm all about atmosphere and history. Prob more atmosphere though since it could be a contemporary film with lots of mood.

    1. I liked Woman in Black, but admittedly the story was rather lame-o. I'd kill for that house and the nursery and its toys especially. I am glad Hammer is doing films again! I can't wait to see the one they're filming at the Winchester House. I think ingenuitive is my #3. I do like brain puzzles, but honestly I just like quality films. Robert Wise, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg--they know their shit.


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