Portals and Vortexes

Portals are (simply put) a location where a wide variety of unexplained phenomena occurs in a defined geographic area.

Famous supposed portals have included places like Bennington Triangle, Skinwalker Ranch, and Bridgewater Triangle. As well, the San Luis Valley of Colorado is well known for being a gateway for weird unexplained events and creatures.  These things include odd weather events, UFOs, ghosts, spook lights, cattle mutilations, Bigfoot, prarie dragons (supposed translucent lizards of a sort), ghostly cowboys, a blue lady, ghostly Native Americans, and flying humanoids.

One citizen decided to build a UFO tower outside of the town of Hooper where people come from all over to see the strange disks, cigar shaped vehicles, and weird lights.  The land owners says there is a portal on the land. Visitors are encouraged to leave trinkets in the vortex garden.

What is the purpose of a portal? It's commonly believed to be an entry/exit site from this world to another, more than likely another dimension or parallel universe.
Some people use vortexes and portals interchangeably. A vortex is the convergence of leylines (earth energy lines) that creates a powerful psychic energy. Glastonbury, England is considered a powerful one and many historic ancient monuments were interestingly built upon them.  Sedona Arizona is said to have four energy vortexes.

The difference would be that a portal reports a great deal of odd unexplained and sometimes frightening phenomena and a vortex creates a spiritual energy that is uplifting and inspiring.  One might go to Stonehenge to feel the power of a vortex, but run away from San Luis Valley when they see a UFO in the sky doing strange maneuvers.

Bennington Triangle in Southwestern Vermont.
Bridgewater Triangle in Southeastern Massachusetts
San Luis Valley, Colorado

Sedona, Arizona
Panther Meadows, Mount Shasta
Glastonbury, England

The one commonality in both vortexes and portals is that they involved a philosophy that is earth-based and that the earth is somehow creating the right conditions for both energy vortexes (swirling concentration of energy) and portals (entry/exit sites to other worlds). Given that we live on a planet with an extraordinary capability to create a huge diversity of life that is interdependent, such phenomena seems like small potatoes for such a generator of power, climate phenomena, tides, gravity and more.


  1. I grew up in the San Luis Valley. It truly is a strange and unusual place. I had many odd experiences while living there - from strange lights in the sky to ghostly encounters. I would like to go back some day....

  2. I grew up in the San Luis Valley too. Believe me it's all true what they say. I remember those terrifying nights when I go outside and see lights in the sky and then they just vanish. The saucers are no lie we just can't explain them. The animal mutilations walking in the empty fields to discover these animals. The worst part is the dark energy in this place... I always feel it but at different times. I know it's near when I become overwhelmed with fear, my body freezes up, it gets extremely cold, and you just feel eyes watching you. Truely terrifying. The worst is the Lady in White. She appears to me some nights sitting by my bed watching me. I've never seen her face and I don't want to.

  3. In from the slv I've been keeping an eye on the sky's for about a year n a half now n have seen some pretty amazing stuff that I've yet to be able to find a explanation for it seems like for some reason I'm either targeted or attract these ufos n other crazy things that have been happening to me lately because other people who have never seen anything like it claim that they only see it when there around me also I've been exploring the area along the Rio Grande between Lou sauces n alamosa n have had lots of strange unexplainable things happen the most resent one being I stopped on the bridge late at night to try to listen to elk bugle and something or someone idk through a big rock into the river n scared the he'll out of me I know it wasn't wildlife like beaver or anything cuz I heard the rocks smack together n that gulping sound of when u throw a big rocjk into water I immediately got chills n left this is just one incident but the one that made me put aside all scepticism and know that there's something paranormal going on right in that area it's almost like there guarding something or watching something I can't figure it out I know there's a lot of drones n sattleites in the sky but y would there be so many n in the middle of nowhere there's times when I'll see anywhere from 3 to 7 or more little blinking lights flying low following me everywhere than I see streaks of light that aren't shooting stars going off in the sky everywhere I look they look almost like the way meteor shower sparks than I see white orbs flying low to the ground I wish I had the proper tools to document n research this Shit so I can get to the bottom of it or maybe I don't want too?

    1. You are spot on! I'm in Phoenix, near South Mountain (infamous Phoenix lights) and our area is just rife with weird lights, strange shaped objects, blinking lights, dancing lights, red orange orbs...


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